Organised by the HKDC, KODW is a not-to-be missed annual opportunity for industrial designers, product development professionals and brand management professionals to share and learn with globally renowned design experts. Its aims are to promote ongoing advanced design learning, and to highlight ways of using design strategically and widely to create greater value for businesses and benefits for the community.

The theme for KODW 2011 will be "Design for Asia" and "Design for China", with a focus on product and industrial design. The five-day gathering will feature interactive workshops, the one-day ReD conference, and networking sessions with the world's top design gurus and business leaders. These will lead participants in evaluating our living habitat in the light of numerous state-of-the-art design streams, such as Product, Green, Emotion, User-Centric, Inclusive, Customer Experience, Brand Design, Cultural Based Innovation, plus the latest regional design trends.

The line up of inspiring guest speakers will include: Toshiyuki Kita (Japan), Patrick Whitney (USA), Jan Stael von Holstein (China), Michael Young (Hong Kong), Eric Chan (USA), Robert Holdway(UK), Hideshi Hamaguchi (USA), Chen Wen-Long (Taiwan), Yao Ying-Jia (China), Marc Brulhart and Chantal Rechaussat (Hong Kong), as well as design maestros from the Royal College of Art, JWT Southeast Asia, iF Award, red dot, etc.

Who should attend KODW?

If you are a product designer, design director, marketing director, product development director, brand manager, design academic or CEO, KODW is a one-of-its kind opportunity for you to rejuvenate your mind and business with the masters of design.

Register now!

To learn more about KODW and to register, feel free to email us at kodw@hkdesigncentre.org , call us (852) 3793 8400, or link to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/business.of.design.week).